Центр геоинформационных исследований
Thematic data harmonization

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24-26 May 2010 4th Global Workshop on Digital Soil Mapping was held in Rome.
Poster “Evaluation and Harmonization of Geographical and Cartographical Soil Data from the Platform of a System Approach” was presented there. The authors: A.A. Nikiforova, M.E. Fleis, M.M. Borisov, D.V. Bolodurin.
The poster displays implementation of a system approach to integration of data on the properties of soils and all others natural landscape components. Data handling was carried out in software environment GeoGraph GIS 2.0.
Geographical integrated database, consisting of thematic vector layers, is being established in GIS medium. The layers contain information on the most substantial properties of the natural components of landscapes-systems and are connected with each other by one integrated legend. The result of data integration are system vector maps (of natural conditions and soil map), which are being improved interactively.