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General Software:

GeoGraphTM GIS - professional GIS software

GeoConstructorTM - universal tool in order to design your own GIS applications

GeoConstructorTM Web - tool for publication of the GeoGraph GIS maps in Internet

GeoDrawTM - vector topological system for creation, editing and transformation of digital maps

GeoGraphTM 1.5 - end-user level GIS

Additional Applications for GeoGraph 1.5:

  • GeoFit - interpolation to the regular network and filtration random components of different characteristics, measured on irregular observation network. The program designed by the leading specialist in mathematical geological application in this field in Russia Mr.Aronov.
  • GeoBuf - building of buffer zones around point, line or polygon objects.
  • GeoRoute - calculation and display the shortest routes in the spatial road network with many parameters (stops, available directions of movement, weights of segments etc.)
  • GeoDynSeg - dynamic segmentation for location of any objects measured by the distance along the route from any node point (for road, utility network management and planning).