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Projection map of the world

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Polyconic projection of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

Formulae are obtained in 1983 for the table of rectangular coordinates presented in the “Atlas for projection choice” by G.A.Ginsburg, T.D. Salmanova (Central Scientific Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography professional paper 110, Moscow, 1957), N 72.
The coordinates in the table correspond to the Earth radius 6371116 meters so rectangular coordinates must be multiplied by the ratio of a custom sphere radius to the radius from the Atlas.
The projection is supported by the software GIS GeoGraph 2.0 (vector and raster maps transformation).

The projection is symmetrical about the central meridian (Y axis on projection) or about the Equator (X axis on projection).
Formulas for quadrant north of the Equator and east of the central meridian:

array of coefficients b (b0 is the first coefficient, and b21 is the last one)

array of coefficients a (a0 is the first coefficient, and a19 is the last one)

x - rectangular coordinate: distance to the right of the vertical line (Y axis)
y - rectangular coordinate: distance above the horizontal line (X axis)
x, y are given in units of custom sphere radius
φ - geographic latitude
λ - longitude east of the central meridian, the central meridian for “Resources and Environment World Atlas” is 40º east of Greenwich
φ and λ are given in radians
α - X axis correction factor
c - Y axis correction factor
α and c show the difference between the theoretical projection and a real map. Correction for “Resources and Environment World Atlas” (scale is 1:80000000), α=1.0062606, c=1.003278

Program for calculation of rectangular coordinates of points sets on the projections

longitude from   to   step  
latitude from   to   step  
longitude of the central meridian
X axis correction factor
Y axis correction factor
Formulae: M. Fleis, program: M. Borisov