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GIS Research Centre of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GISRC of IGRAS) is one of the leading GIS developers in Russia. During 10 years we design and propagate GIS software, technologies and projects for many regions, create digital maps, consult many organizations in Russia and abroad.

GISRC has more than 3000 installations of our original GIS software GeoDraw / GeoGraph / GeoConstructor in almost all regions in Russia and abroad as well as in many branches of the national economy - geology, ecology, land use, forest enterprises, road commitees, architecture and regional planning, utility companies, retail firms, education, geodesy and cartography, defense, elections, police etc. All our activity is devoted to the goal to create the GIS infrastructure in Russia so the software is easy-to-use, has a professional set of functions and unexpensive. It satisfies the wide range of users from small districts and private firms to large GIS projects in several millions dollars. It is also compatible with the most popular world-wide GIS software packages. The Centre has the stable team of high qualified specialists in geography, cartography, programming, mathematics and operators.

Main principles of the Center
Main activity fields
GIS software
Price list

Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1918. The Institute is the leading geographical center in Russia and well known among the worldwide geographical centers.
The Institute was one of the pioneers in GIS development and implementation in Russia. The Institute's GIS activity was started in 1980ths, including collaboration with ESRI, IDRISI, Spans Tydac as well as the development of our native GIS software. The Institute had created the first GIS joint venture with ESRI to propagate ESRI products in Russia in early 199ths.
GIS Research Center was established in 1992 on the base of laboratory of cartography of the Institute.

The main task of the Center is the development of native GIS technologies/software and GIS environment in Russia.
The Center is one of the active members of the GIS Association and works for projects and interactions with hundreds organizations along Russia having different location, size, and financial capabilities - from very small firms to large companies.

Main principles of the Center:

- to develop GIS as a tool for integration of different spatially-referenced data, which are created, updated, matched and used by different organizations on the same territory; "people manage the systems which co-exist in the same territory"
- to help to create regional, city and municipal GIS centers as the tools for effective development of territories; "GIS is the tool to save money, to improve investment activity and to protect the interests of domestic population"
- to form effective strategy and technologies for the projects for forest, geology, land, utility etc. information systems in a part of interaction with such GIS centers and with the growing spatial data infrastructure;
- to interact with any ideas, approaches, software products, data sources, technologies, firms taking place in GIS market;
- to provide inexpensive, easy to use GIS software, work places in order to build GIS from the levels where spatial data are born and updated;
- to facilitate the interactions between users of any types of GIS software and respective data bases which are used by different organizations on the same territory;
- to teach people in regions and organizations to be able to realize the mentioned GIS technologies above mostly by themselves (joint education of specialists from different thematic fields, involvement technical specialists, economists, lawyers, administrative officials).

Main activity fields

Since 1992 we develop our own GIS software GeoDraw/GeoGraph/GeoConstructor. There are more than 3000 installations of this GIS software over the Russia and abroad. We have an experience to work with ESRI products from 1990, with MapInfo from 1992, with Intergraph from 1992, with IDRISI from 1988, with AutoCAD from 1980ths, i.e. we know different GIS and related products for a long time. We have an experience of making projects inside them, study their development trends, regularly work for data exchange between them and our products.

GIS Software

Our products are user-friendly and easy-to-implement, therefore our software is really used almost without needs in our help for several years so far as small settlements in thousands kilometers from the nearest cities in Russia.

Users of our software do not have any additional expenses for the technical support and software upgrade for 3 years; since 1992 our current upgrade end technical support is included in the price.

Our technical support includes various help to design the optimal technology for their own tasks/source data sets/ resources, to get data with required price/quality/legal status, to prepare regulative documents for GIS activity in the region/city/firm;

We give to users free software products (GeoGraph-Mini, GeoConstructor, cartographic symbol editor etc.) as well as trial 30days versions; these are available at our site in INTERNET;

All our GIS products have the unified GIS core, so it is easier to make changes.

High performance - users can work with the projects up to millions objects.

Hardware/OS requirements - Pentium/II/III/IV/Celeron, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
Duration of distribution - GeoGraph - from 1995 (since version 1.1), GeoConstructor - from 1996 (since version 1.0 for VBX), GeoConstructorWeb - from 2000.

Price list:

GeoGraph GIS 2.0 - US$500, including CD, user manual, hard lock key, technical support years (via e-mail, INTERNET, phone, fax), upgrades until the principally next version (3 years).
GeoConstructor - for free as an addition to GeoGraph GIS 2.0 (the same service conditions)
GeoGraph-mini - free limited version of GeoGraph GIS 2.0 (the functions to add/delete and edit layers are excluded) - especially for administrators, official and other final users;
GeoConstructor-web - US$2500 for one web-server on the same service conditions.
GeoConstructor unlimited - the same version of GeoConstructor, but without protection in runtime mode; so all the GIS applications can be distributed free in any desired number of copies - US$2500 on the same service conditions.

The discount for dealers/distributors - 25%.


GeoGraph.ppt - PowerPoint presentation of one our GIS software (3.5 MB)
GISCentre2002.ppt - presentation of our activities (7.5 MB)
Administrations.ppt - presentation of our applications for Regional administrations (3.5 MB)
Roads.ppt - PowerPoint presentation of our applications for road management (2.1 MB)